Castlemilk Moorits

Castlemilk Moorits

The Castlemilk Moorit is a rare breed of sheep. The breed take their name from the Castlemilk estate in Dumfriesshire, where they originated in the early 1900s. As well as producing meat and wool for the estate workers they also were a decorative flock for the parklands of the estate. Hence they are a graceful, elegant sheep with fine, kemp-free wool, which is brown (moorit is a Scottish word for brown) at the base and bleached to a fawn colour at the tips.

All Castlemilk Moorits are descended from a single flock of ten ewes and two rams, and the British Rare Breeds Survival Trust lists the breed as “vulnerable”, having a maximum of 900 registered animals.

The breed can be cautious and wild but we have found in our flock that this nature makes them excellent mothers, they have an instinct to hide in longer grass with their lambs and are very protective of them.

Flock information 

We have two registered rams lambs for sale. Both beautiful examples of the breed. £150.